Waka Cow and Horse Harness
Waka Cow and Horse Harness
Waka Cow and Horse Harness
Waka Cow and Horse Harness
Waka Cow and Horse Harness
Waka Cow and Horse Harness


Waka Cow and Horse Harness

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Special harness developed for lifting and heli-transport operations of cows and horses in emergency situations; it can be used for similar size animals.

It is made of polyester HT heavy load and low stretching; it weights only 3 kg.

Before using the harness it’s important to make a training with a dummie in a safe place.
A wrong use of the harness could cause the loss of the animal.

During transport operations bendage the animal and ask the support of a veterinarian.

If the animal is nervous or shocked, use a sedative.

Due to the altitude shock, the animal could try to struggle; always check the buckles before starting the lifting manoeuvres.

The lifting time depends on the animal but it never must exceed 15 minutes; an higher period could be cause of choke or injury at internal organs.

High quality product, completely developed and made in Italy.

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