This course will teach advance rope rescue techniques and cover more complex rescue scenarios. The objective is to expand the students problem solving capabilities so they are able to assess, plan, and execute even the most complex rescue scenarios.

Meets NFPA 1006 Chapter 5 (2021 version)

Skills Taught:
• Rope Physics and Understanding Forces
• Multiple Descent Control Devices
• Dedicated Main/Dedicated Belay vs Twin Tension Rope Systems
• Advanced Anchoring/Systems
• Mechanical Advantage
• Team and Rescuer Based Pick-Offs
• Advanced High Angle Litter Tending
• Lead Climb Techniques
• Skate Blocks

*Instructed By: Craig McClure (guest instructor) and Alan Baker

*Lodging and meals not included
(Military, federal, state, county, and city government agencies and their employees in the USA. Credentials will be verified)

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