Class Description

This class is designed and intended for the industrial and/or fire department rescuer. This course is a hybrid of rope rescue and confined space training for entry and rescue. It will teach high angle rescue techniques which will allow the student to develop proficient skills in any industrial setting.

Meets NFPA 1006 (2021 version)

Rope Rescue:
• Standards and Regulations
• Rescue Knots
• Anchors and Anchor Systems
• Twin Tension Rope Systems and Dedicated Main/Dedicated Belay
• Multiple Descent Control Devices (Clutch, MPD, Maestro, ID)
• Mechanical Advantage (Simple, Compound, Complex) (3:1, 5:1, 9:1, 4:1)
• Littler Tending (high and low point) with an Adjustable Harness (Scoop Litter)
• Knot Passing
• Team Based and Rescuer Based Pick-Offs
• Vertical Litter Technique
• Artificial High Directional (AHD) – Arizona Vortex (Easel Leg A Frame configuration)

Confined Space:
• Safety Attendant and Entrant
• Self-Contained and Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA and SABA)
• Atmospheric Monitoring
• Communication Systems
• Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures
• Patient Packaging and Recovery
• Tripod Operations and Configurations

• Confined Space (Vertical and Horizontal Entry)
• Industrial Based Rescues

Class Includes:
• CMC Rope Rescue Technician Field Guide
• Safe Rescue Shirt (SM-XXXL)
• Safe Rescue Hat (OSFM)

Instructed by: Alan Baker and Paul Urdialez

*Lodging and meals not included
(Military, federal, state, county, and city government agencies and their employees in the USA. Credentials will be verified)

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