I was an Engineer with the Newport Beach Fire Department in Southern California.  I started with NBFD in 1992.  I was a firefighter for five years working on both an engine and a tiller truck.  I promoted to firefighter/paramedic (rank position for NBFD). For the next five years, I worked on a rescue ambulance where we transported our own patients. Next, I promoted to engineer, and I served in that position for eighteen years, primarily working on a tiller truck.  I have been a CA State certified senior instructor since 1994 for various technical rescue courses. Rescue Systems 1 was the first rescue course developed by the state, and I was a lead instructor for the Santa Ana College Fire Academy and open enrollment classes offered at the North Net Training Center.  Rescue Systems 2 came about in the mid to late 90’s, and I assisted in the course development for the shoring modules.  I also have taught Emergency Trench Rescue (Operations and Technician) for over 28 years.  I have been instructing for CMC Pro (formerly CMC Rescue, formerly EMC, Emergency Management Consultants) in Emergency Trench Rescue, Emergency Building Shores, Rope Rescue Tech 1-2, SPRAT Level 1 (rope access and rigging), and Tower Rescue courses all over the country and to students from all over the world.