Safe Rescue was founded in 2012 by active firefighters with the
vision of becoming leaders in the safety industry through high
training standards and unmatched professionalism. With that
vision in mind, Safe Rescue has continually raised the bar when it
comes to our training, standby rescue technician qualifications
and equipment expertise.

As authorized providers of TCFP, SFFMA and Rescue 3
International curriculum, Safe Rescue is able to provide our staff
and clients with proven skills to perform confidently in emergency
situations. Courses are taught at our state entity approved training
facility by experienced and active first responders that have
trained throughout the world in specialty rescue operations.

To maintain our high training standards, all of our rescue
technicians are trained to an approved curriculum by the State
Firefighters’ & Fire Marshals’ Association (SFFMA), hold First Aid
and CPR certifications, and fire extinguisher training. Our
technicians train daily, while on the job, and go through quarterly
continuing education classes to constantly sharpen their skills.

With industrial, emergency response training, standby rescue
technicians and equipment sales, Safe Rescue has all your safety
and rescue needs covered.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to providing our
customers with a superior level of personalized service that
ensures long-term customer satisfaction.