Standby Rescue


Our rescue team members are all trained to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006 job performance requirements and certified by the State Firefighters’ and Fire Marshals’ Association (SFFMA). Team members also  receive continuing education at our state approved facility, located in Northeast Harris County. To best serve our customers, our rescue technicians will fully integrate themselves as part of your team. They are prepared with detailed pre-plans and emergency action plans that are ready to be implemented until the hazard has been alleviated. Our teams are equipped with all the latest rescue equipment for any situation that could arise; including confined space and high or low angle rope rescue. 

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Safe Rescue proudly offers state certified and experienced standby rescue technicians to keep your employees safe while on the job. OSHA mandates that any time a job involves employees entering a permit-required confined space or to utilize a fall arrest system that a rescue plan must be included in the planning process.

We offer solutions to our clients rescue needs, whether you need one rescue professional for temporary support or a team of professionals to manage a long-term project Safe Rescue has you covered.


Our staff of rescue professionals is comprised of a diverse mix of off-duty firefighters, rescue workers, and hazmat technicians. All of our rescue technicians are NFPA trained to the 1006 job performance requirements, certified by the state of Texas through the State Firefighters’ & Fire Marshals’ Association (SFFMA), CPR and First Aid certified, and fire extinguisher trained. All technicians receive training in-house at our state approved rescue training facility and meet or exceed the OSHA continuing education mandate.

Along with advanced training our technicians have a tremendous amount of real-world rescue experience. Our commitment to continuing education makes our teams versatile and fully equipped to handle your standby rescue needs in a variety of environments.

Confined Space Rescue

Our confined space rescue crews are trained to handle emergency situations.  Pre-planning and understanding the full scope of work prior to the start of work will help to ensure that our rescue team will be as prepared as possible in the event they are called to action.

High/Low Angle Rope Rescue

In the event of an emergency, Safe Rescue’s rope teams are trained to swiftly and confidently respond without hesitation. Our teams are trained to identify and help minimize the hazards associated with confined space entries before the start of work.

Standby Firefighters

For those not experienced in emergency services; creating, recruiting, and maintaining an internal fire brigade can be an overwhelming endeavor with diverse results. Safe Rescue proudly offers the most experienced and specialized industrial fire service personnel for your facility.


chemical/petrochemical plants, refineries, construction, general industry, military, municipal public works, pipeline, plant shutdown/turnaround, power plants, telephone utilities, waste/wastewater facilities and many more.