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Our anodized aluminum swivels are available in two sizes to allow users to select the strength, weight and dimensions best suited to their specific needs. Whether used in a rescue haul system, helicopter operations, or rope access, the addition of a swivel can help prevent system lines from wrapping around each other, while at the same time reducing spin caused by loading a free-hanging rope.


Rescue Swivel

Lightweight and high strength, this standard-size swivel for litter systems features symmetrical holes to accommodate multiple carabiners. High-speed, multi-axis CNC machining delivers a full-featured swivel at a reduced price for the best value in the industry.

  • Item # 300721
  • Product Weight 125 g (4.4 oz)
  • Length 95 mm (3.75 in)
  • Color Sand / Slate
  • NFPA Rating General Use
  • 3 sigma MBS 36 kN (8,093 lbf)

ProSeries Swivel

Designed to repeatedly perform at high loads, this larger swivels special bearing supports a much higher working load than other swivels without damage to the bearing perfect for heavy system loads. The larger size makes it compatible with helicopter short haul line equipment.

  • Item # 300701
  • Product Weight 184 g (6.5 oz)
  • Length 114 mm (4.5 in)
  • Color Red / Slate
  • NFPA Rating General Use
  • 3 sigma MBS 47 kN (10,566 lbf)