Skedco HMH Sked Stretcher


Skedco HMH Sked Stretcher

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HMD Sked body only without straps. Purchase as a replacement item. The HMH Sked is designed for use in mass casualty incidents or Haz-Mat incidents. Patients can be rolled or dragged onto the HMH Sked rather than lifted. This creates less rescuer fatigue and requires fewer rescuers to be exposed in the Hot Zone at a Haz-Mat incident. The HMH Sked can be easily dragged by personnel wearing level A protection or even pulled by a rope connected outside the Hot Zone.


  • No grommets to trap contaminants
  • Stores flat in stacks of up to 200
  • Ideal for use in mass casualty incidents
  • Polypropylene straps are chemical resistant
  • 2 Side release buckles
  • Not for lifting patients"

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