Roof Anchor 12" Threaded
Roof Anchor 12" Threaded


Roof Anchor 12" Threaded

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The Malta Dynamics Threaded Top 12″ Roof Anchor is a fixed post roof top safety anchor, intended for permanent applications only. The A6305 has been thoroughly tested (see testing and compliance page on this product) and is compatible for installation on steel and concrete substrates (fasteners sold separately). The 12-inch anchor post functions to extend through roofing materials so that it is accessible both during and after roof construction. The A6305 permanent roof anchor is composed of durable galvanized steel, and is compatible for use with SRLs, vertical lifelines, and shock absorbing lanyards.

Key Features:

● OSHA Compliant
●Meets ANSI Z359.1-2007
● Product Weight: 31.8 lbs.
● For use on steel or concrete substrates (see manual for requirements)
● Durable galvanized finish
● Great for use with retractable lifelines, vertical lifelines, or rope grab units
● Post extends past roofing substrate to make attachment point accessible
● Round post works with most off-the-shelf flashing kits