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Designed for ice axes with modular heads, the PUR'ICE pick is made especially for ice climbing. It gives excellent penetration in ice and removes very easily. Serrated on the upper part, the pick offers stable support when the ice axe is turned upside-down.

Detailed description

  • Very good penetration in ice:
    - pick tapers to 3 mm at the tip
    - reduced pick height
    - weights may be used to optimize the balance of the ice axe
  • Easy removal:
    - special profile of the pick
    - tapered upper edge for better ice cutting
    - beveled lower teeth
  • Serrated on the top for efficient use when the ice axe is turned upside-down:
    - stable support for climbing snowy slopes
    - handle of ice axe protected from moisture
  • Compatible with SUM'TEC, QUARK, NOMIC and ERGONOMIC ice axes


  • Pick type: 1
  • Material(s): steel
  • Certification(s): CE, UIAA
  • Compatible with SUM'TEC, QUARK, NOMIC and ERGONOMIC axes
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