PTE Light Duty Economy Paddle
PTE Light Duty Economy Paddle


PTE Light Duty Economy Paddle

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The NRS PTE Economy Paddle is your affordable choice for a recreational rafting and canoeing paddle. Be advised that the PTE paddles are light duty economy paddles, suitable for flat water and light use such as for children in white water.  They are not suitable for swiftwater rescue use and situations where they may be called up for adult use under full power. They may bend or break under such use, and will not be eligible for warranty replacements.

  • 20"L x 7 3/4"W ABS blade has plenty of surface area for a full-bodied stroke.
  • 1" aluminum shaft is fully sheathed in polyethylene for a comfortable grip.
  • T-grip handle aids paddle control.
  • The PTE paddle is designed for flat to calm water paddling; if you're looking for an affordable whitewater paddle, check out the NRS PTC Paddle (item #: 77101.01).
  • Weight: 28 oz. at 60"
  • Paddle sizes: 48", 54", 57" 60", 66"