Pronto Evac Harness
Pronto Evac Harness
Pronto Evac Harness


Pronto Evac Harness

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Our Pronto Evac™ Harness was designed for fast ski patroller self-evacuation and for victim rescue from ski lifts. The harness attaches quickly and securely no matter how or where positioned. The colored web and quick-connect buckles make the harness simple and easy to don.

  • Quick to don and fast to adjust without having to step into the harness
  • Three quick-connect buckles are secure and cannot open while loaded
  • Harness tie-in point also doubles as a handle for controlling subject’s position
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • One size fits small children to large adults

808 G (1.78 LB) ONE SIZE, FITS UP TO 157 CM (62 IN) BLACK/GRAY/RED $152