PMW Urgent Escape Kit


PMW Urgent Escape Kit

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Featuring multi-purpose PMW Escape Hooks, this kit is designed for fast egress in a true emergency. Risks associated with getting hung up or stuck during descent are eliminated, as there is no autolocking descender. Kit includes a carry bag, rope, autolocking carabiner, and two hooks – one large and one small. Either hook may be used as an anchor, and either hook may be used as a friction brake for descent or lowering. This is the most versatile personal escape kit available. Choose from two models: Urgent Escape Kit includes force-absorbing nylon rope while the Hot Urgent Escape Kit features PMI Element Technora Rope. Proper training is required before use.

Kit Includes:

  • 50’ PER Nylon Rope 
  • SMC Kinetic Carabiner 
  • PMW Hook – Small 
  • PMW Hook – Large

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