Picket Driver/Puller


Picket Driver/Puller

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The RQ3 Picket Driver is designed to make installing picket systems as efficient and safe as possible. Weighing in at 11.2 pounds, RQ3 Picket Driver is made of two inch diameter, eighth inch thick, drawn over mandrel steel tubing. The 18 inch body keeps the picket aligned with the direction of each drive-stroke, ensuring every strike drives the stake deeper into the ground without any energy wasted to the sides. The driver handles are bent at right angles and MIG welded to the body at right angles, allowing for numerous different holds on the driver to maximize user ergonomics and the force of each blow. The weighted end cap is 2 ½ inches wide and welded using the TIG method. Weight in the cap end increases the force of each strike delivered by the user, reducing the overall number of strokes required to sink the stake. Fewer strikes delivered along the full length of the picket, rather than off-angle, extends the life of the stake an estimated ten times longer than a picket driven with a sledgehammer or post driver. The RQ3 Picket Driver/Puller is designed to be used with RQ3 pickets only manufactured after February 2016. Other pickets may damage the Picket Driver/Puller head and void the warranty.


  • Weight: 11.2 lbs.

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