Personal Mini Throw Bag


Personal Mini Throw Bag

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The RQ3 Gear throwbags are all made of high-tech nylon fabric that is tough, long-lasting, ultraviolet-resistant and fast-drying. All our bags feature a handle over the top and a reverse taper for easy loading. Rescue Source has adopted the clean rope principle which is a safety practice that leaves out knots whenever possible. By doing this, we no longer knot the held-end of our throwbags.


  • This bag is designed to be compact in size
  • Fits 50′ of ¼” diameter rope of your choice
  • It comes with a Fastek Buckle to easily attach to your PFD or belt
  • It also has a Bullet Bag option
  • Has internal foam flotation that keeps the bag floating in the water

Rope Choice Difference

  • 1/4 inch Polypropylene rated at 1200 lbs/5.4kN
  • 1/4 inch UltraLine™ rated at 2495 lbs/11.1kN

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