Modulator Refill - Eye Module


Modulator Refill - Eye Module

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The Aero Healthcare Eye Module is a specialized kit designed for comprehensive eye injury management. This kit includes a range of carefully selected components to ensure you are fully prepared for eye-related emergencies:

  • 4 AeroPad Eye Pads 2in x 3in (AEP1S): Sterile pads designed to protect and cover eye injuries.
  • 1 AeroForm Conforming Bandage 1in x 4.4yds (AF25): Securely holds dressings in place around the eye area.
  • 1 AeroForm Conforming Bandage 3in x 4.4yds (AF75): Larger bandage for comprehensive injury coverage.
  • 2 AeroGlove Nitrile Gloves Large (AGNPF02): Ensures safe and hygienic handling during first aid procedures.
  • 1 AeroSupplies Eye Magnet Plastic (AEM6PSUS): Useful for safely removing small metallic particles from the eye.
  • 8 AeroWash Eyewash .5oz (AW1000US): Provides immediate cleansing for contaminated or injured eyes.
  • 1 AeroTape Microporous Paper Tape .5in x 5.5yd (AP312): Gently secures bandages and pads without irritating the skin.
  • 1 Eye Wound Zippered Bag (6002BG): Compact and convenient for organizing and carrying all the necessary supplies.

This Eye Module is an essential resource for workplaces, schools, and any setting where eye injuries might occur. The compact zippered bag allows for easy storage and quick access, ensuring that you are always prepared to respond effectively to any eye emergency.

Rely on the Aero Healthcare Eye Module for thorough and dependable eye care in critical moments.

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