MK2 Oscar Search and Rescue -GEN2 Water Rescue Manikin


MK2 Oscar Search and Rescue -GEN2 Water Rescue Manikin

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Built to the same tough construction standard as the General Use Manikin, the Search and Rescue Water Rescue Manikin is a low-visibility version of the Man Overboard Water Rescue Manikin. It is built to simulate an unconscious victim in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders above the water. Can be made to Float Horizontally by simply remove the 6 foam pieces from the front chest of the overall and add three pieces to the pockets on each leg. It will take seconds to swap between a horizontally floatingmanikin and the standard position. NATO stock number - 6910-99-151-9652

The head is color-coded with a yellow face. Strong plastic strips in the manikin run from the shoulders to the knee. The strips maintain overall flexibility but don't allow the manikin to bend in half to aid with training with stretchers. The outer carcass is constructed of heavy duty open mesh reinforced with webbing. Coverall color: Black.

"We think the manikin is EXCELLENT! It is working out very well for our training programs." G Dworkin.

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