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Litter Shield

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Trusted and proven from years in the field, our Litter Shield attaches to a mount on the litter rail that allows the shield to quickly pivot and nest inside the litter fortransportingandstoring. A quick-release pin allows the shield to be completely removed whennecessary. This lower-profile version makes storage easier, but does not provide as much clearance for the patients face as the Litter Shield Plus,see below. Each Litter Shield requires a railing clamp.

Replacement parts for Litter Shields are available through the website or by contacting Customer Support.


Litter Shield - 3lbs

  • 19mm Clamp For Disaster Response, Gazelle & Junkin Litters
  • 22mm Clamp For Traverse Advantage Litter
  • 25mm Clamp For CMC Stainless & Titanium Litters
  • 35mm Clamp For Ferno Type, 1-3/8 Inch Rail
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