HM 360 Gloves
HM 360 Gloves
HM 360 Gloves
HM 360 Gloves

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HM 360 Gloves

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HM 360 gloves are born from client demand, strategically hybridizing our best core technologies. 

The dorsal impact protection is flared at the fingertips to provide high incidence area coverage that is continuous to the wrist. The one-piece palm offers continuous grip and traction control with Cestusline's new ZG palm technology. It allows the wearer to have flexibility without the need for protection gaps. Curved finger seams mimic natural resting hand positions to reduce hand fatigue at the end of long shifts. HM360's interior liner is the most commented upon improvement. Cooling technology is infused into a 360 cut and puncture resistant liner. 

Protection without the bulk!

  • Breathability: Two way stretch spandex back of hand material keeps glove breathable
  • Flexible TPR: Continuous Impact Protection on fingers lets you work in tight spaces.
  • High-Level 360 Cut Protection: High Density Cut Resistant Layer reduces exposure from avoidable lacerations from every angle.
  • ZG Palm Technology: One-piece coverage improves grip control in dry, wet or oily conditions.

Uses include: Couriers, Mechanics, Weapons Handling, Vehicle Inspection, Warehouse workers, Aircraft Maintenance, Tactical & Special Operations, Bricklayers, Roofers, Multipurpose, DIY, Construction, Wood Workers & Carpenters.