G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline
G11 Lifeline


G11 Lifeline

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Introducing Next Generation G11

CMC’s new and improved G11 represents our next generation of high strength, low volume 11 mm G-Rated rope. Constructed with a higher carrier count than its predecessor, our new G11 has greater sheath durability, more strength, and less elongation. Its Kernmantle polyester sheath and nylon core are optimized for enhanced safety, performance, and knotability.

CMC G11 is a complete rope with a well balanced composition. It provides a firm, cohesive feel while remaining supple, lightweight, and easy to handle. Built to perform and endure, CMC G11 is ideal for use in NFPA General Use 11 mm rope systems like the DOUBLE CLUTCH TTRS. CMC G11 runs smoothly and stands out. Available in 4 bright colors with a white X pattern tracer.

Rope is sold by the foot. Rope ends are included. No charge on custom cutting. See table below for maximum lengths.


  • 11 mm (7/16 in) G-Rated rope
  • High strength, low volume
  • Exceptional sheath durability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Builds 11 mm G-Rated Systems
  • Available in 4 colors with white tracer


  • Kernmantle Construction
    • Polyester Sheath
    • Nylon Core
  • Elongation (Per UL Classification)
    • 3.1% @ 1.35kN (300 lbf)
    • 5.1% @ 2.7kN (600 lbf)
    • 7.6% @ 4.4kN (1,000 lbf)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 40.5kN (9,107 lbf)
  • Certification: NFPA General Use
  • Sheath Construction: 48 Carrier Count
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (6.25 lbs) / 30 m (100 ft)
  • Diameter: 11 mm (7/16 in)
  • Made in the USA