FP Lite Haul System


FP Lite Haul System

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If regulatory compliance is a priority, choose this super-compact haul system with autolocking ANSI-rated connectors features that are designed to meet OSHA regulations. The system is completely prerigged and ready for use, offering a 4:1 mechanical advantage in one configuration and a 5:1 mechanical advantage in the other.

Kit Includes: 

  • 1 SMC JR Pulley and 1 SMC
    JRB Pulley
  • 2 SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiners
  • 10 m, 7 mm Tuff Cord
  • 1 m, 5 mm Accessory Cord
  • One 5 mm Oval Screw Link
  • 1 Storage Bag (Blue)
Weight 3.4 lbs

2.875 lbs (1,305 g)



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