EZ-Stuff Throwline Bag Set


EZ-Stuff Throwline Bag Set

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With its revolutionary design, our exclusiveEZ-Stuff throw line bag set stands up and stays open when feeding rope, due to its unique flat bottom and trademarked side-grommet location. Hang the bag from your PFD and feed the throwline over your shoulder with the EZ-Stuff bag wide open for efficient stuffing. The short, stocky design also allows more room for your hand when feeding rope. The quick-release handle on the top enablesthrowing the bag accurately while also allowing it to clip to your PFD or belt in an upright position. For low-light work, the Safety-Glo stripe reflects light and glows in the dark for enhanced visibility. Flotation is built directly into the bag, so no foam disk is required. The EZ-Stuff Bag contains 50 feet (15 m) of NFPA throwline for a high-performance, floatable throwlinesolution for rescue.


Product Weight
Bag Set: 1 LB 4 OZ (567 G)
Bag Only: 4.2 OZ (119 G)

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