derope Up A Descent Device System
derope Up A Descent Device System


derope Up A Descent Device System

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derope® Up A descent device with hand wheel winch Model incorporates a hand wheel winch mounted on to the base unit which allows the derope®descent device to be used as a lifting device.

With a lift ratio of roughly 2:1, the winch is capable of lifting a victim in order to release it from its fall protection sub-system.


  • derope® descent device unit with hand wheel winch   ​​​
  • 6 ft. (1.8 m) vinyl covered wire rope sling
  • 5⁄8 in. (16 mm) autolocking carabiner
  • J-knife
  • Rescue/rope bag


  • Easy to use, minimum training required  
  • Single descent for one person: Constant descent speed of 235 ft./min. (72 m/min.) – Up to 1,300 ft. (400 m) of descent  
  • Single descent for two persons: Constant descent speed of 295 ft./min. (90 m/min.) – Up to 650 ft. (200 m) of descent


  • Wind power turbines  
  • Aerial electric lines  
  • Antennas, towers  
  • Platforms, cranes  
  • Confined space (sewerage system, gas grid, piping)  
  • Cable car cabins  
  • Silos


  • ANSI Z359.4-07  
  • CSA Z259.2.3