derope T Rescue Device System


derope T Rescue Device System

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The derope® descent device utilizes 3⁄8 in. (9.5 mm) Kernmantle® rope that runs through a guarded rope sheave which is connected to a sealed centrifugal brake that limits the descent speed to 235 ft./min. (72 m/ min.).

Snap hooks located at each end of the rope allow for multiple evacuations as the brake controls the descent speed in either direction. Dual descent pig tails and an intergraded jamming cleat give the user more control during a rescue.

External cooling fins ensure that the unit is rapidly ready for consecutive descents.


  • derope® descent device unit
  • 6 ft. (1.8 m) vinyl covered wire rope sling
  • 5⁄16 in. (16 mm) carbon steel autolocking carabiner
  • J-knife
  • Rescue/rope bag


  • Easy to use, minimum training required  
  • Single descent for one person: Constant descent speed of 235 ft./min. (72 m/min.) – Up to 1,300 ft. (400 m) of descent  
  • Single descent for two persons: Constant descent speed of 295 ft./min. (90 m/min.) – Up to 650 ft. (200 m) of descent


  • Wind power turbines  
  • Aerial electric lines  
  • Antennas, towers  
  • Platforms, cranes  
  • Confined space (sewerage system, gas grid, piping)  
  • Cable car cabins  
  • Silos


  • ANSI Z359.4-07  
  • CSA Z259.2.3

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