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The AZTEK HD takes this simple and versatile mechanical advantage rigging tool to the next level, with increased durability and cut resistance.

For those operating in the most severe environments, this iteration of our popular AZTEK features the extremely durable 8 mm SafeTech® cord for the edge restraint. The nylon core offers the right amount of give and packability, and is protected from abrasion and cutting by the Technora® sheath. This combination ensures you have the best blend of abrasion resistance, flexibility and resistance to flex fatigue.

The ratchets and travel restraint are made with a specialized 6 mm cord, that also uses the durable nylon/Technora construction featured in the edge restraint. Colored tracers in each ratchet offer convenient color coding for connecting to the appropriate block.

Key Benefits
• Increased durability and abrasion resistance
• Increased strength and cut resistance

• Arc Flash resistant

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• 2 AZTEK Omni Block Swivel Pulleys
• 50' of 8 mm SafeTech Edge Restraint
• 2x 6 mm Sewn Ratchet Prusiks
• 3 SafeD Twistlock Carabiners
• 8 mm Steel Screwlink
• 6 mm Specialized Travel Restraint
• AZTEK carrying bag

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