911 Canyon Rescue Stretcher
911 Canyon Rescue Stretcher
911 Canyon Rescue Stretcher
911 Canyon Rescue Stretcher


911 Canyon Rescue Stretcher

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A real revolution for river and canyoning rescue!

Special stretcher designed for river rescue, fitted with a dry-bag (watertight), wide padded internai webbing for a fast fixing of the injured, alu alloy frame, Kevlar cradle with holes for water discharge, head protection and Lexan visor. Fast disassembling in two pieces for an easy transportation. The strecher include all the accessories and also the hanging kit. It is equipped with:

- fully waterproof bag in trilaminate fabric
- patient immobilization straps which are fully padded and feature fast attachement hardware
- ultra-light aluminium chassis with fiberglass cradle (has holes for water drainage)
- lexan visor (with integral breathing valve) to protect patient 's head without restricting breathing
- two pieces frame to facilitate transportation
- suspension kit
- fully bouyant

Revolutionary high quality product, completely designed and made in Italy!

Product developed in collaboration with CNSAS - National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps