2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley
2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley
2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley
2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley
2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley
2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley


2.0" PMP Double Swivel Pulley

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The CMC ProSwivel Pulleys combine a swivel and pulley into one tool with a unique sideplate that opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. Teaming up with Rock Exotica, CMC now offers more swivel pulleys certified to NFPA standards. Our renamed and expanded ProSwivel line includes eight pulleys to choose from. You can pick the best CMC ProSwivel Pulley for the job, going bigger when you need more efficiency.

Expanding on the original, patented swivel pulley line by Rock Exotica, the CMC ProSwivel Pulleys are time-tested, Made in the USA, and brought to you by two companies committed to quality and service. Available in single and double sheave versions from 1.1″ radius up to 2.6″, these pulleys are an excellent option for Mechanical Advantage (MA) systems for hauling and ascending, and they work well in combination with high anchors, tripods, and redirects.

Features & Benefits

  • New models certified to NFPA standards including a more efficient 2” option
  • Patented, USA Made, time-tested, and proven as the original swivel pulleys
  • Combined swivel & pulley reduces system length, allowing more travel
  • Pivoting sideplate allows rope loading without disconnecting from anchor
  • Double-action detent button prevents accidental opening of the sideplate
  • Sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency
  • Rotating swivel aligns rope with the direction of pull
  • Swivel can be secured using rope, web, or carabiners
  • Ergonomic design for anchoring and loading with one hand
  • CNC machined for optimal strength & weight
  • Prusik minding options facilitate progress capture
  • Compatible with rope up to 13 mm (1/2 in)
  • 1.5″ PMP SS Pulley is compatible with rope or wire cable
  • Ideal for rescue, work at height, and tree care

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With over 45 years of combined rescue experience, our team is highly educated in rescue, safety and training services. We are committed to delivering a superior level of customer service and ensuring long term customer satisfaction. It is our mission to deliver the highest qualified, trained, and experienced professionals to your job-site when and where you need them most.

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