Advanced Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27
Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27

Adv Rope Rescue Sept 23-27

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This course will teach advance rope rescue techniques and cover more complex rescue scenarios. The objective is to expand the student’s problem solving capability. Students are able to assess, plan, and execute even the most complex rescue scenarios. This class has very little PowerPoint lecture (seat) time. We hit the ground running on day one with an emphasis of hands on training the entire week.

NFPA 1006 Rope Operational Skill Level Needed to Attend (Intermediate)
Meets NFPA 1006 (2021 version)



Rope Physics and Understanding Forces
Twin Tension Rope Systems vs Dedicated Main/Dedicated Belay
Multiple Descent Control Devices (Clutch, MPD, Maestro, ID)
• Shark Finning (Double Clutching)
Mechanical Advantage
Simple, Compound, Complex
Advanced Anchor Systems
Load Sharing and Load Distributing
Pre-Tension Tie-Backs
Spanned Anchors
Floating Anchors
Arizona Vortex
Easel Leg A Frame
Sideways A
Appalachian Flagpole
Mini Gin
Floating A and Floating Gin
Advanced High Angle Litter Tending
Low Point and High Point Litter Tending
Adjustable Litter Harness (Scoop Litter)
Ascending Rope Techniques
Frog and Texan using Prusiks
Rapid Ascent and Descent (RAD)
Rescuer Based Pick-Offs
Cross Haul Systems
Climbing Techniques
Bypass Lanyards
Lead Climb
Skate Blocks
Dual Skate Blocks
Guiding (Tension) Skate Blocks
Compression Skate Blocks
High Lines (old school and new school)
English and Norwegian Reeves
Guiding Lines
Vertical Litter
Real Life Rescue Scenarios

- Max of 12 Students –

CMC Rope Rescue Technician Field Guide
Safe Rescue Shirt (SM-XXXL)
Safe Rescue Hat (Random Color)

Instructed by: Alan Baker and Paul Urdialez

*Lodging and meals not included
**Military, federal, state, county, and city government agencies and their employees in the USA. Credentials will be verified

Located minutes outside of Houston, TX

Safe Rescue
6707 Miller Wilson Rd.
Crosby, TX 77532

Call For Group Rates (281) 328-1083