Modulator Refill - CardiAct AED /CPR  Prep Kit


Modulator Refill - CardiAct AED /CPR Prep Kit

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The Aero Healthcare AED / CPR Prep Kit equips you with essential tools for effective AED deployment and CPR administration. Each component in this comprehensive kit ensures readiness for cardiac emergencies:

1 AeroShield CPR Mask & Gloves (AM01BUS): High-quality mask and gloves for safe resuscitation.
1 AeroSupplies Double Sided Surgical Razor (ARZ001): Prepares skin for electrode placement with precision.
4 AeroGlove Nitrile Gloves Large (AGNPF02): Durable and protective gloves for safe handling.
1 AeroHazard Biohazard Bag 24in x 24in (AHBB24US): Securely contains medical waste and contaminated items.
1 AeroWipe Antiseptic Wipe 5in x 7in (AW8001): Cleans and disinfects the electrode placement area.
1 AeroSupplies Universal Shears Plastic Handle 5.9in (USP15): Easily cuts clothing or other materials during emergency prep.
1 AeroHazard Absorbant Towel 10in x 13in (AHPT): Ideal for managing fluids or cleanup during and after emergencies.
1 AED / CPR Zippered Bag with Lanyard Clip (6005BG): Organizes and transports supplies, perfect for on-the-go readiness.
This kit is specifically curated to provide responders with the necessary tools for quick and efficient response in cardiac emergencies. The zippered bag enhances portability, making it an essential addition to AED cabinets, emergency vehicles, or high-risk environments. Trust the Aero Healthcare AED / CPR Prep Kit for thorough and accessible support in life-saving situations.

Code: CA-PK2US
UPC: 9341394033276
Size: 6 × 4 × 2 in
Weight: 0.54 lbs

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