Modulator Refill - Burn Module


Modulator Refill - Burn Module

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The Aero Healthcare Burn Module is a specifically designed kit for the effective treatment of burn injuries. This comprehensive set includes a variety of tools and supplies to address different types of burns:

  • 2 AeroBurn Burn Dressings 4in x 4in (ABD10): Sterile dressings for covering and soothing small burn areas.
  • 1 AeroForm Conforming Bandage 4in x 4.3yds (AF100): Flexible bandage to secure dressings on burn wounds.
  • 2 Pairs of AeroGlove Nitrile Gloves Large (AGNPF02): To ensure safe and hygienic handling of burns.
  • 2 AeroPad Low Adherent Dressings 2in x 3in (APD57550BS): Non-stick dressings for pain-free removal, ideal for small burns.
  • 1 AeroSupplies Scissors Blue Lister 5.2in (ASC13PUS): For cutting dressings or clothing without causing further injury.
  • 25 AeroBurn Burn Gel Packets 3.5g (AB0905B): Soothing gel for immediate burn relief.
  • 1 AeroBurn PE Burn Sheet 23 1/2 x 35 1/2in (ABS6090): Large sheet for covering extensive burn areas.
  • 1 AeroBurn PE Burn Sheet 8in x 8in (ABS2020): Medium-sized sheet for moderate burns.
  • 1 AeroBurn PE Burn Sheet 4in x 4in (ABS1010): Small sheet for minor burns.
  • 1 Zippered Bag (6001BG): For organizing and easy access to burn care supplies.

Each component in the Aero Healthcare Burn Module is selected to provide effective relief and protection for burn injuries, making it an essential part of any first aid kit, especially in environments where burn risks are higher. This module ensures quick response and proper care for burn victims in any emergency situation.

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