Industrial fire brigades are specially trained firefighters who protect the thousands of manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants and refineries across the country. Industrial firefighting poses unique challenges that are unlike municipal response. The site-specific hazards, access areas, equipment, business priorities and personnel all need to be taken into consideration when an industrial fire alarm occurs. With proper training industrial fire brigades can quietly and efficiently handle industrial incidents without any effect on the surrounding community. 

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The Safe Rescue Fire Brigade training program is held at the Calcasieu Emergency Response Training Center (CERT-C) in Sulfur, Louisiana. CERT-C has several props designed to suit the specific needs of industrial fire brigade training such as an LPG loading terminal/pump alley. The Safe Rescue course takes students through all aspects of industrial firefighting starting with learning to correctly don and doff thermal protective clothing and the use of a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Once students are confident in their equipment, they will begin to learn the principals of attacking interior and exterior fires safely while maintaining team integrity. Other topics covered include fire suppression, search and rescue operations within buildings and enclosed structures, search and rescue operations within toxic atmospheric environments and limited visibility. Students will also learn use of hand lines, types designs, operation, nozzle pressure effects and flow capabilities. Our scenario-based training will cover containing, controlling and extinguishing fires involving hazardous liquid spills and leaks and pressurized gas fires. Every industrial fire brigade student is certified to the NFPA 1081 standard for facility fire brigade member professional qualifications.



Fabrice started with Safe Rescue 6 years ago as a Rope Rescue Technician and through his hard work and dedication he grew into his role as a Lead Instructor. In addition to instructing, Fabrice is a Fire Captain at the Channelview Fire Department. When he isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family and his horses.