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Our teams of instructors have years of combined real-world experience as well as all the latest in training techniques.  Our trainers have completed high-level training courses throughout the nation and we are prepared to set the standard in industrial rescue, hazmat, and fire training.  We can assist in standard training courses, as well as specialized job-specific, custom training.  We offer training at your location, on the job site or in the classroom with audiovisual demonstrations, simulations and instruction. Based on the skill requirements of NFPA 1006 and 1670, our certification programs  include both performance testing and written exams. Our third-party certification can be used to document the individual skills and proficiency of your team members in accordance with OSHA 1910.146 Permit-Required Confined Spaces. Schedule your quarterly and annual training today!

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Industrial Rescue

Safe Rescue Training Complex is now ready for booking. Classes being offered on this 4 story structure will include, but are not limited to Confined Space Rescue, High Angle/Low Angle Rope Rescue, and subsequent refresher courses. Safety of the rescue team is considered before the rescue begins and stressed throughout the program. Classroom sessions are part of the curriculum but they are not the focus of this course. A large portion of this course is hands-on and allocated to exercises where each student participates and practices with rescue methods. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure that the principles presented in the course are understood. Documentation is available to satisfy your company’s due diligence and regulatory requirements. Instructors are highly trained in all aspects of confined space and rope rescue. Safe Rescue also offers indoor rescue training on our newly developed mezzanine.
Open enrollment coming soon.

Hazardous Materials

Safe offers courses designed for individuals involved in hazmat handling or response to a hazmat (hazardous material) leak, spread, spill or accident that may cause further damage to life, health, properties or the environment. Employers are required by law to train employees responsible for the handling and transporting of hazmat in their day to day job. We are pleased to offer several different formats of hazmat training. While we offer 40-hour OSHA hazmat technician courses, OSHA 16-Hour Hazmat Operations Courses and 8-Hour OSHA awareness courses., we also specialize in building custom hazmat courses to meet our clients’ needs. We are adding specialty courses regularly and would love to build a course for you! Our instructors are all accredited hazmat technicians who are active emergency responders in the industry. You will not find a dry or boring instructor in our facility. Courses will include videos, demonstrations and hands-on instruction.

Industrial training

Industrial Fire Brigade

Courses provide Industrial Fire Brigade members a diverse selection of training which can be tailored to address the challenges of the Industry the brigade protects. This course is appropriate for all industrial emergency response personnel, including fire prevention, suppression, control, and safety personnel. With its flexible topics, training can include basic firefighting skills, technical rescue training, hazardous materials training or officer level leadership and management courses. Other topics can be included that closely match the needs of the students. Through a combination of classroom presentations and field exercises, this course will provide both your new brigade members and existing emergency response personnel with a concrete foundation of knowledge and skills that may be used to safely resolve emergencies involving exterior fire at an industrial facility. Training is conducted at the CERTC facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana.