Tension Diagonal Swiftwater Rescue Kit

Tension Diagonal Water Rescue Kit

Tension Diagonal Water Rescue Kit

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The tension diagonal kit by Safe Rescue is made up of the essential hardware and software needed to perform a tension diagonal line in a Swiftwater rescue incident. This is the exact kit we utilize in our Swiftwater Rescue (SRT-1) course. Also, components in this kit can be utilized as a downstream containment system. This kit offers rescue teams multiple options in the event of a Swiftwater rescue incident.

x1 Force 6 System Bag
x1 PMI Water Rescue Rope : WR100YX061E (200')
x10 Petzl Am’D Screw Lock Aluminum Carabiners : M34A SL
x1 CMC Micro Anchor Plate: 300623
x2 SMC Swiftwater Pulleys : SM147000
x3 1” Work Spec Webbing: 20' , 30', 40' (x3 total)
x2 Sterling HollowBlock2 : 13.5" SC060TNHB013 & 19" SC060TNHB019
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