Inventory & Delivery FAQs

As our industry experiences consumer demand at unprecedented levels, it is simultaneously experiencing a bottleneck in supply. While Covid-19 precautions have led countless people into the outdoors to enjoy healthy, socially distant activities, the virus has also disrupted manufacturing and shipping lanes. This has created an industry-wide inventory shortage to which we are not immune.

As a company that has always prided itself on customer service, we take seriously the delays and complications that our manufacturers are experiencing, and we are doing all that we can to solve the problem. We know that your business depends on ours, and we are 100% focused on improving our delivery to keep you running.

Here are our best answers to some frequently asked questions.

When can I expect delivery?

Our vendors are working overtime to ship available inventory as quickly as they can. The problem is that inventory is limited due to delays beyond their control. They are facing longer-than-usual production times as many factories have limited capacity. Shortages of components and raw materials add further complications. To make matters worse, there is a global shortage of container ships and shipping containers, not to mention slowdowns in ports. Our web team is constantly updating ETAs based on the latest available information, but that information is unpredictable at best. Until shipments are received at their warehouse, ETAs can and will change.

When will the situation improve?

They expect continued difficulties with manufacturing and delivery throughout the season. However, they are all are doing everything in their power to overcome delays. Thanks to our strong vendor relationships, we have been able to expedite many critical orders.

What can I do?

Backorders are filled in the order they were received, so we recommend keeping your unavailable items on backorder. This will ensure that any backorders remain in proper fulfillment priority. We are working hard to keep you updated on ETAs as information is made available.

Some items have already sold out for this year. Our support team will be reaching out regarding backorders that we will be unable to fulfill this year and will help suggest available alternative product.

What’s the good news?

The good news is that we expect continued strong demand throughout the season as government stimulus money is spent and widespread vaccinations lead to increased travel and economic activity. Some of our vendors have ordered enough inventory to take us into 2022, and availability will improve as the season progresses. Despite these challenges, the future looks bright!