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Our highly trained standby rescue teams are Rope Rescuer certified form our state approved training facility in Crosby, Texas.  To better serve our customers, our technicians will fully integrate themselves and the team into the work being performed before, during, and after the hazard has been alleviated.  A detailed pre-plan, as well as an emergency action plan, will be implemented and discussed prior to any work being performed.  Teams are fully equipped with all the latest rescue equipment for any situation including confined space or high/low angle rope rescue.

Confined Space Rescue

Our confined space rescue crews are trained to handle emergency situations.  Pre-planning and understanding the full scope of work prior to the start of work will help to ensure that our rescue team will be as prepared as possible in the event they are called to action.

High Angle / Low Angle Rope Rescue

In the event of an emergency, Safe Rescue’s rope teams are trained to swiftly and confidently respond without hesitation. Our teams are trained to identify and help minimize the hazards associated with confined space entries before the start of work.

Fire Watch / Hole Watch / Bottle Watch

Safe Rescue provides fully trained Fire Watch, Bottle Watch, and Access Attendants (Hole Watch) personnel.

Hazard Assessment

Our staff of Safety Specialists will conduct a thorough on-site evaluation and provide a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your facility, or work situation, as to the potential for hazards that an employee may encounter while performing the job along with real world solutions to meet OSHA standards.

Air Monitoring

Maintaining air quality is especially important in an industrial environment. Depending on the industry, air quality could be at various levels of high-risk. Safe Rescue staffs qualified and certified Air Monitoring personnel ready to supplement your facility’s needs.

Standby Firefighters

For companies not experienced in emergency services; creating, recruiting, and maintaining an internal fire brigade can be an overwhelming endeavor with diverse results. This is why Safe Rescue is proud to offer some of the nation’s most experienced and specialized industrial fire service personnel for your facility.

Safety Professionals: Supervisors & Techs

Safe Rescue is committed to providing quality safety professionals for the staffing needs of our clients. Whether you need just one safety professional to temporarily support your current staff or an entire group of safety professionals to manage a long term project, Safe Rescue can accomodate your needs.

Industrial Skyline

Industrial Standby Rescue

Safe Rescue’s goal is to minimize risk and keep your employees as safe as possible on the job. We offer standby rescue services for businesses across the country in a wide range of industries, including:


  • Chemical/Petrochemical Plants
  • Refineries
  • Construction
  • General Industry
  • Military
  • Municipal Public Works
  • Pipeline
  • Plant Shutdown/Turnaround
  • Power Plants
  • Telephone Utilities
  • Waste and Waste Water Facilities
Standby Rescue Teams

When Being SAFE Matters

Safe Rescue proudly offers comprehensive industrial rescue standby services for confined space entry, large hazardous projects, fall protection, and other hazardous scenarios in a variety of industries. OSHA requirements state that any time a job requires workers to make entry into a permit-required confined space, or whenever personnel is required to utilize personal fall arrest systems, a rescue plan must be included in the planning process that allows for a timely rescue of personnel. In addition to these situations, it is also a good idea to take emergency precautions in hazardous situations, such as a plant or refinery shutdown.

Top Standby Rescue Teams

At Safe Rescue, our technical rescue and confined space rescue standby teams have years of experience working in a variety of environments. Our confined space and technical standby rescue teams also provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units and SCBAs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and rescue in immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) environments. In addition, rescue personnel will monitor all activities both inside and outside the space to ensure safe confined space entry.

Our solution to your rescue needs is our fully equipped rescue standby team. Comprised off-duty professional firefighters, rescue workers, and hazmat technicians, our teams are trained in just about any rescue situation you can imagine. Not only do our rescue techs have advanced training, but they have a tremendous amount of real-world rescue experience. Our commitment to continuous and ongoing rescue training makes our teams uniquely versatile and fully equipped to handle your industrial standby rescue needs anywhere in the country.

If you operate a factory, construction site, manufacturing plant, or any other industrial facility and are looking for a technical rescue team to keep your employees safe on a particularly risky job, don’t wait – contact Safe Rescue today!