TerrAdaptor Steel Cable Sheave Assembly


TerrAdaptor Steel Cable Sheave Assembly

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The TerrAdaptor™ Steel Cable Sheave Assembly is specifically designed for use with the TerrAdaptor™ Portable Anchor System and the TerrAdaptor™ Cable Winch Bracket that allows you to utilize many of the commonly used cable winch systems. This Cable Sheave is a seamless connector maintaining the NFPA strength ratings while used in the multiple NFPA TerrAdaptor™ certified configurations. NOTE: While this sheave may be used with either rope OR cable, it should not be used interchangeably. Once cable has been run through the sheave, it should not be used for rope.


  • Zinc Plated Hardened Alloy Steel Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Supports up to 1/2” diameter cable or rope
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Made in the USA