ISC HALO™ Rigging Plate - Medium


ISC HALO™ Rigging Plate - Medium

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ISC HALO™ Rigging Plates form part of a compatible system and were developed to match the ratings on our Carabiners and Prusik pulleys, at 40kN/ (8992lbf), 50kN (11,240lbf) and  70kN (15,736lbf). If compatible components are used in a system it takes away some of  the guesswork involved with deciding which is the ‘weak link’. HALO™ Rigging Plates are machined from superior grade Aluminium. HALO™ Plates feature a central hole, surrounded by six equi-spaced apertures, each of which is capable of accommodating multiple carabiner connections.This allows the user multiple loading options. All holes have radiused edges, to reduce rope/webbing wear and also to reduce wear from loads which are applied by carabiners. Each plate is manufactured from aerospace grade Aluminium and feature uniquely shaped apertures which allow for loading with multiple Carabiners simultaneously. CNC machined radiused edges make the apertures rope and webbing friendly. Approved to CE 0120. Meets: NFPA 1983(17ED) G, PD CEN/TS 16415:2013 (Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices – Recommendations for anchor devices for use by more than one person simultaneously).


  • Outer Diameter: 144 mm (5 10/16″)
  • Central Hole Diameter:  39 mm (1 1/2”)
  • Aperture Size (approx.):  36 mm x 24 mm (1 7/16 x 15/16”)
  • Weight: 221 g (8 oz)
  • Material:  Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Standards:  CE 0120 and NFPA 1983 (17ED)G
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