Ferno Rescue Emergency Dummy (FRED)
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Ferno Rescue Emergency Dummy (FRED)

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The ideal training aid to simulate the handling and carrying of a person during rescue situations, the Ferno Rescue Emergency Dummy (FRED) can be filled with a sand/sawdust mixture up to its maximum usable weight of 121 lb (55 kg) to simulate the weight of an adult. FRED is made from heavy-duty, water-repellent ripstop PVC with heavy-duty UV-resistant stitching. Foot heels are reinforced for dragging, and rings of hook-and-loop on the abdomen and hands help keep FRED secured when being moved.


  • PVC material makes FRED water repellent for use in wet conditions
  • User provided sand/sawdust mixture allows weight to be adjusted
  • Heavy-duty zipper plus hook-and-loop closure around 13-inch (33-cm) opening to fill with sand/sawdust mixture
  • Height of 57 inches when fully stuffed
  • Carry straps on shoulder and above knees
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