EMS and Police Trauma Kits


EMS and Police Trauma Kits

  • An all-in-one solution for convenience and savings
  • Complete with 4 oz. eye wash solution, 10 alcohol prep pads, 2 Bulkee Lite 3" x 4.1 yd. conforming gauze bandages, 2 Bulkee Lite nonsterile cotton 4" x 4.1 yd. conforming bandages, 4 Caring sterile cotton gauze 4.5" x 4.1 yd. bandage rolls, 2 chest seal combo packs, ChitoSAM 100 3" x 6" hemostatic dressing, ChitoSAM 100 4" x 4" hemostatic dressing, 80 CURAD Flex-Fabric 0.75" x 2.5" bandages, 8 CURAD Flex-Fabric 2" x 4" bandages, CURAD Flex-Fabric finger and knuckle assorted-sized bandages, 5 CURAD nonsterile 2.25" x 3.12" beige eye patches, 30 CURAD 0.88" plastic spot bandages, 3 emergency 52" x 84" Mylar blankets, and an EMS orange trauma bag
  • Also included: 2 flat-fold 36" charcoal SAM Splints, 10 moist towelettes, 2 mouth-to-mask resuscitators with valve, multi-trauma 10" x 30" abdominal pad, 5 nonwoven 4" x 4" 3-ply gauze sponges, penlight, PluroGel 0.7 oz. burn and wound dressings, 10 povidone iodine prep pads, Robertazzi 22 Fr nasopharyngeal airways, Robertazzi 28 Fr nasopharyngeal airways, 3 SAM XT orange extremity tourniquets, 2 soft-wrap 2" x 5 yd. elastic bandage with clips, 2 SORBEX 6" x 9" absorbent dressings, 2 triangular 36" x 36" x 51" bandages, 10 triple-antibiotic ointment 0.9 g packets, 2 utility scissors, 10 L Venom nitrile gloves, 10 XL Venom nitrile gloves

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