CrossLine Strong Swimmer's Belt


CrossLine Strong Swimmer's Belt

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Integrate our Crossline Reach System with the new Crossline Swimmers Belt and Reach Paddlesport bag to provide greater protection on the water. The system is made up of your choice of 7 or 5.5 mm rope, an optional Reach Rope Retriever™ and optional Swimmers Accessory Bag. Originally designed and tested by extreme boaters, the integrated Bag/Belt system raises the standard for accurate one handed release of a throw, tag, or escape line under severe conditions without interfering with the rescuer or paddlers safety. This is a new standard for personal protection from complex pins and entrapments. Two different quick releasable buckles are available on the main belt; a standard quick release and an advanced click style buckle with quick release. Additionally the PMI® Navigator rope has a rope to webbing sewn attachment that threads through a separate optional quick release attachment on the main belt.

Key Features: BYO system – pick a belt and then add the paddle sport bag and the rope of your choice. Optional Reach Rope Retriever™ and Swimmers Accessory Bag
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