3 Man Confined Space Rescue Kit

3 Man Confined Space Rescue Kit

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This Safe Rescue 3 Man Kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, stand-by rescuer, main-line operator and belayer to set up systems for vertical entry into a confined space for both rescue and patient transport. For a complete confined space solution, add or use your own communication, gas monitor, and ventilation equipment.

*Please not that this is a special order item and may take 3-4 weeks for delivery.
*Once ordered please email sales@saferescue.com for sizing details.

3 Man Kit Includes:

3 CMC Lassen Duffel Bags - Medium (Red)
1 CMC Rigtech Pack - Red
1 CMC Rope & Equipment Bag - Medium (Red)
3 CMC Rope Bags - #2 (Red)
1 CMC SKED-EVAC Industrial Tripod
3 CMC ATOM Harness (LG)
1 CMC Lifesaver Victim Harness
1 CMC Lifesaver Victim Chest Harness
1 CMC LSP Miller Full-Body Splint
1 CMC Sked Basic Rescue System
1 CMC CSR2 Pulley
1 CMC CSR2  Double Pulley
5 CMC PMP Swivel Pulleys
20 CMC ProSeries Screw-Lock Carabiners - Brite
2 CMC Aluminum Oval Carabiner - Brite
4 CMC AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Short 18" Red
4 CMC AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Long 25" Green
1 CMC Anchor Plate - Aluminum 
2 CMC Load Release Strap
1 CMC FastLink Anchor Straps - Medium
1 CMC Anchor Strap Sleeve - Medium
3 CMC Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamps
2 CMC Edge Pads - XL
3 CMC Kask Super Plasma Helmets (Red)
3 CMC Essential Gloves (LG)
3 CMC Alta Superflex Knee Pads
3 CMC Confined Space Entry and Rescue Field Guide
1 CMC Confined Space Rescue Technician Manual
200 CMC Static-Pro  Lifeline - 200 ft (White) of 1/2 in
200 CMC Static-Pro  Lifeline - 200 ft (Orange) of 1/2 in
200 CMC Static-Pro  Lifeline - 200 ft (Blue) of 1/2 in
200 CMC Static-Pro  Lifeline - 200 ft (Red) of 1/2 in
100 CMC Tubular Webbing - 100 ft (5 x 20 ft) (Red)
48 CMC Tubular Webbing - 48 ft (Yellow)
1 CMC Born Entry-Ease

Have questions or concerns about your order? Please email us at sales@saferescue.com. Please note that we are not currently accepting returns or exchanges.


With over 45 years of combined rescue experience, our team is highly educated in rescue, safety and training services. We are committed to delivering a superior level of customer service and ensuring long term customer satisfaction. It is our mission to deliver the highest qualified, trained, and experienced professionals to your job-site when and where you need them most.

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