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Our Approach

Safe Rescue, LLC is currently offering private training on both our Training Complex and indoor mezzanine.  All course certifications are compliant with NFPA 1006 and 1670, as well as OSHA 1910.146 Permit-Required Confined Spaces.  With more than 45 combined years of field and instruction experience, Safe’s instructors are among the best in the industry.

Our mission is training the best; from customizing the training to your emergency response teams’ specific needs to implementing effective instructor/client communication and executing a comprehensive training schedule, Safe Rescue will establish a complete training package for your facility.

Safe Rescue Training Complex (SRT-C)

Located in Harris County, the training complex and adjoining mezzanine sit on 10.8 acres of land within the Crosby city limits. The training complex is intended to provide a training environment that simulates a variety of first responder situations in a safe and environmentally-friendly atmosphere. The facility can host a range of group sizes, each having their own technological and training needs. It includes an educational facility with a classroom, hazardous materials props, and other training resources.

The 4-story tower structure includes 6 horizontal levels and 2 vertical towers with 2 tripod operation platforms and 1 rappel deck, a vertical 5-level interior trayed tower simulator with horizontal manways, an external platform prop for tripod operations and basket tending, and a horizontal level with low anchor points for pick-off training into the complex courtyard. Students can enter or exit the prop as necessary through a series of entrance/exit access points strategically placed throughout the prop.

The climate controlled mezzanine is a multi-purpose indoor training prop. With capabilities for tripod operations, both high angle and low angle simulations, patient packaging, and litter mobility training. The mezzanine is an optimal prop for working on team communications and team dynamics.


Advanced Confined Space and High Angle Rescue

 This course is designed for those in plant rescue teams that require a level 3 or level 4 operator. With most of the course being dedicated to field “hands-on” activities, the student hones skills that were learned in the basic course, as well more advanced skills that are crucial to safe and effective rescue work. Topics of instruction in which the student will participate include: anchor development, knot tying refreshment, load and force factors, repelling, self rescue, pick offs and advanced rigging techniques such as high-lines.

40Hr Confined Space and High Angle Rescue

NFPA 1640 Standard training for a level 2 rigger.  Upon completion, participants will be able to respond to confined space emergencies by monitoring the atmosphere, perform entry rescues, and utilize victim packaging.  Additionally, participants will be able to recognize acceptable anchorage and construct and execute a high angle rescue using a rope-lowering system.

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20Hr Confined Space and High Angle Rescue

This course is an introduction to Rescue Level 1 for a hauler or technician, according to NFPA 1670.  Upon completion, participants will be able to develop hazard isolation and control requirements, ensure the rescue team take part in a medical surveillance program and plan a response for entry-type confined space rescues in hazardous environments, as well as implement the planned response.

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8hr Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Quarterly Refresher

The purpose of this quarterly refresher class is to break up the annual refresher required by NFPA into quarterly 8 hour sessions 4 times a year. Topics will include but are not limited to knots, basic systems, patient packaging and a mock rescue.
**A minimum of  40hrs of Confined Space and High Angle Rescue training is required as a prerequisite to this refresher course. .


All IRT Courses May Include:

  • fall arrest systems
  • LOTO procedures
  • rope rescue skills
  • anchors
  • belays
  • hauls
  • lowers
  • pick-offs
  • scaffold rescue
  • patient packaging
  • patient moving
  • basket tending
  • team communications
  • incident command
  • harness emergencies
  • team dynamics

*Please note Safe Rescue training courses are not open to current or future competitors. Thank you.

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Every student MUST read, complete and sign the Safe Rescue Training – Complex waiver in order to participate in any onsite courses or activities.