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What is Industrial Fire Brigade?

Industrial Fire Brigades are compromised of firefighters who protect the thousands of manufacturing facilities throughout the country and the world, everything from machine shops to widget makers, from metal foundries to automobile manufacturers, from the smallest chemical plants to the largest refineries and petrochemical facilities. Most industrial incidents are handled internally, within the industrial facility itself, quietly and efficiently by that facility’s internal fire brigade, without having any effect whatsoever on the world outside the facility.


Safe Rescue offers a comprehensive Fire Brigade Training program with the training held at Calcasieu Emergency Response Training Center (CERT-C) in Sulphur, LA. Our courses address specific industry needs using the most advanced methods and techniques available in the fire-training world. Safe Rescue will instruct fire brigade students on the physical activity of Interior Structural Fire with drills in fire suppression, search and rescue operations inside of buildings or enclosed structures, as well as exterior chemical release and fire events.  Students will be required to correctly don/doff thermal protective clothing as well as SCBA.  Once members display confidence in their equipment and understand its capabilities, students will begin attacking interior and exterior fires safely and efficiently while maintaining team integrity.  Before any operation with hand lines, instructors will cover principles of fire streams, types, designs, operation, nozzle pressure effects, and flow capabilities.  Teams will be required to conduct search and rescue operations in an IDLH atmosphere with obscured vision and conditions that may replicate a chemical release or a live fire incident.  Industrial fire brigade members will be instructed to contain, control, and extinguish exterior fires involving specific hazards including liquid spills/leaks and pressurized gas fires utilizing the most advanced methods and equipment.

Every fire brigade member is certified to the new NFPA 1081, Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications(2001).

Please note: Safe Rescue does not offer training to current or potential competitors.

Meet the Fire Brigade Instructors

Rafael Campos

Fire Brigade Instructor