First Aid and CPR


Our Approach

Our First Aid and CPR course courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for their job, regulatory (for example, OSHA), or other requirements. These courses can also be taken by anyone who wants to be prepared for an emergency in any setting. After completion of all Safe Rescue First Aid and CPR courses, students receive a course certification that is valid for 1-2 years (depending on course type).

First Aid and CPR training that fits your people, your business, and you. No training program is perfect for every type of learner. Your employees have different jobs, come from different walks-of-life, and have different learning styles. With Safe's flexible First Aid and CPR training you can customize the program to best fit your company's needs while maintaining a high standard of quality that your employees demand.

All course Instructors are certified American Heart Association BLS Instructors as well as certified by the American Health and Safety Institute.


First Aid

This first aid course will provide you with the knowledge to take action in an emergency with the rescuers safety in mind, while providing initial life-saving techniques.  Students will have the ability to assess and treat medical, environmental, and traumatic injuries until professional help arrives.  The course will cover proper techniques of caring for internal and external bleeding, recognizing true shock, identify different types of burns, real-life practical splinting for bone,  as well as proper care of environmental emergencies such as heat and cold emergencies.  Students will also learn how to recognize and treat medical emergencies for adults such as diabetes, asthma, allergic reactions and seizures.



The course will provide you with the the basics of why we do CPR, the importance of scene safety when approaching a patient, what to say when activating the 911 system. Students will not only learn rescue breathing but also proper technique for relieving a blocked airway for the adult, child or infant who is choking. Additionally, upon completion of the course, students will be able to asses 2 important medical emergencies: signs and symptoms & strokes and heart attacks. Optional modules in child CPR and AED use and infant CPR, including child and infant choking. Let Safe Rescue teach you how to save lives.  We train the best!



During cardiac arrest, your brain and other vital organs quickly become starved of blood and the life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients it carries. If you survive, you may have permanent damage to your brain and other organs. The sooner the heart's rhythm is restored the better. CPR can keep some blood flowing to your heart and brain for a short time. But often only defibrillation can restore the heart's normal rhythm and ultimately save a life. Students will learn the importance and need for AED, as well as how to incorporate the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) when performing CPR on a victim or patient.

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